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Performance senza compromessi….
Our unique folding features and performance ensure that your best bike can be your only bike – from the daily commute to conquering the Himalayas.
‘All rounder’ The Joey is the complete all rounder. Sports rider, commuter, tourist or trail maker, the Joey can do it all.
Unusually, the Joey is designed to work with two wheel sizes – fat profile for the city or trail, or narrow high pressure for ultimate speed. The Joey has two levels of fold.
The first fold takes about 30 seconds and is ideal for commuting or transportation, and the second, a few minutes and is ideal for flying.
SPORT: Featuring an 9 speed Shimano derailleur system the Sport can  come fitted with either the light weight, narrow tyred 520 wheelset(as shown in the model)
or the heavy duty 507 Wheelset(as seen on the Joey-Commute). The Sport is the utility sports bike. Use it all week with rack and mudguards, then strip it down
for a spin in the country.

Height 142-196cm / 4’ 10” to 6’ 5″
Inseam Range 65-95cm / 26” to 37”
Stand-over Height 63cm / 24″
Rider Weight 110kg / 240lb